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Off Grid Long Weekend



Disconnect to Reconnect

4 days immersed in nature, yoga practices, nourishing food and connection. Real connection that is, no wifi, you'll be handing your device to Lizzie upon arrival and receiving your disposable camera and a new sense of freedom in exchange. 

To book your spot or join the waitlist, simply fill out an application form. 


The Coach House

Lake of Menteith 

Beautiful country cottage, 100 metres from the peaceful Lake of Menteith, in the heart of the Trossachs National Park, Scotland. Sleeps 10, each room with ensuite and shower. Large shared kitchen and sun room, outdoor decking and luscious garden. Hot tub and outdoor dining area.

View video above for visuals or receive pictures and more information in the information pack upon request via the contact page.

To secure your spot, a deposit of £111 is required. Payment plans available. To book or join waitlist simply fill out an application form found below.

If you are called from the waitlist because of a last minute drop out you will receive 15% off.

Dive into Yoga

and Meditation

2 Yoga practices per day, lead by Lizzie. Begin your day with meditation, mindful movement and journaling. Infuse your day with intention. This is a great chance to explore the power of a morning routine.

End your day with a wind down practice of either Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, or Yoga Nidra, using all the cushions, blankets, bolsters and essential oils you need to fully relax and prepare for a long nourishing sleep.

These practices are accessible to those who are new to Yoga. 


High Quality Leisure

We believe phone scrolling, binge watching and internet addiction to be stealing our most precious resource from us- time. We only have this one beautiful life, and spending so much time indulging in low-quality leisure such as the pursuits our devices offer, is making us miss out on the fruits of life.

High quality leisure feeds your soul, it moves you, it allows you to 'be' as well as 'do', it can sharpens skills, deepen knowledge, widen perspective. This could be paddle-boarding in the lake with a new friend from the retreat, reading a paperback book cover to cover in the sunshine, or learning a new skill like meditation or Yoga. 

We will be offering serious high quality leisure options on this retreat. 

Nourish yourself

Enjoy plant-based, delicious, inventive meals on your retreat. Continental breakfasts, a varied lunch and dinner menu, with gluten free options and an abundance of tea!

Majority of catering provided by Roots, an Edinburgh-based vegan restaurant.


Mindset Workshop with Life Coach, Charlie Timbrell

Charlie is a heart-centred, down-to-earth, warm and inspirational Life Coach from the southern shores of the UK. She helps people shift from merely existing to really LIVING. On this retreat Charlie will lead a mindset workshop, in which she will share tools and techniques to truly connect to your essence, to come back into alignment with who you really are and what you really want in life.

To book your spot, simply fill out an application form.

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