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Off Grid Island Weekend


Isle of Arran, Scotland

Disconnect to Reconnect

Join us on the magical Isle of Arran off Scotland's West Coast for the most beautiful pause. 4 days immersed in nature, yoga practices, wild swimming, nourishing food and connection, all whilst on a digital detox. Say goodbye to your devices upon arrival, and receive your disposable camera and new sense of freedom in exchange.


What's Included:

2 Yoga practices a day

Delicious Vegetarian Meals

Rustic Cottage accommodation with views of the sea and mountains

Sea Swims

Paddle Boarding 

Guided Nature hikes

Standing Stones Visit

Meditation with Noelle Harrison

Full Digital Detox, technology-free experience

Dive into Yoga

and Meditation with your host, Lizzie McGhee


2 Yoga practices per day, lead by Lizzie. Begin your day with meditation, mindful movement and journaling. Infuse your day with intention. This is a great chance to explore the power of a morning routine.​ End your day with a wind down practice of either Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, or Yoga Nidra, using all the cushions, blankets, bolsters and essential oils you need to fully relax and prepare for a long nourishing sleep.

Lizzie McGhee has been sharing her Yoga practice in the Edinburgh community, for over 5 years, having trained and initially taught in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lizzie has furthered her training through Yoga Educator, Eva Hamilton, taking her Yin Yoga and Restorative YTTs, which has allowed her to dive deeper into this introspective approach to living.

Lizzie is now based in Vancouver, Canada and teaches at Yyoga. 

The practices on the retreat are accessible to those who are new to Yoga. 



Rustic, homely and nostalgic- no sonos or hot tubs here, but think large, spacious country homes, filled with character, quirkiness, open fires, tartan blankets, and surrounding luscious gardens. Unbeatable views of mountains and the sea, these two country homes are the perfect spot for us to digitally disconnect and reconnect with what's important.

It is an old country house and so it is mainly baths in the bathrooms. However there is a shower room downstairs that the rooms without a shower room can utilise.

The other neighbouring house will be used for the Yoga practices as well as more gardens and spaces to relax in.
Please enjoy the video shown to the left (playable on laptops) to get a feel for the place.

Rooms and Pricing

  1. Master Bedroom with sea and mountain view and ensuite with bath and hand held shower. £635 pp  (or 2 instalments of £262 after deposit)          £905 single occupancy (or 2 instalments of £397 after deposit)

  2. Twin with garden view, shared bathroom with bath, with hand held shower £555 pp  (or 2 instalments of £222 after deposit)          single occupancy £745 (or 2 instalments of £367 after deposit)

  3. Twin with sea view, shared bathroom with bath and no shower head £555 pp  (or 2 instalments of £222 after deposit)        single occupancy £745 (or 2 instalments of £367 after deposit)


UPFRONT PAYMENT RECEIVES 5% OFF (this cannot be applied if you already have a discount voucher for Off Grid Retreats)


Noelle Harrison: Author and Meditation Teacher

Noelle is a bestselling author, Yoga teacher, Tarot reader and Creative Writing Teacher. Her novels and short stories have been translated and published in thirteen different countries.


Noelle will be sharing guided Meditation and Journaling over the weekend, giving you space and inspiration to connect to your inner world.

High Quality Leisure

There will be ample time to relax, to read, to wander in the surrounding nature, and slow down.

We believe phone scrolling, binge watching and internet addiction to be stealing our most precious resource from us- time. We only have this one beautiful life, and spending so much time indulging in low-quality leisure such as the pursuits our devices offer, is making us miss out on the fruits of life.

High quality leisure feeds your soul, it moves you, it allows you to 'be' as well as 'do', it can sharpens skills, deepen knowledge, widen perspective. This could be paddle-boarding in the lake with a new friend from the retreat, reading a paperback book cover to cover in the sunshine, or learning a new skill like meditation or Yoga. 

We will be offering serious high quality leisure options on this retreat. 


How to book

Simply fill out the application form. Once we get back to you confirming your place, you secure your spot by paying the deposit.


Payment options: 

Receive 5% off total cost if you pay upfront in full. 


£111 deposit up front. Then split the remaining payments over 2 months. Final payment must be made by August 12th. 

Simply fill out this google form to apply for your spot on this retreat



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