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Read on to know more about me, my background and my offerings both on and off the retreats.

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My Story

I'm so glad you're here. I'm the founder of Off Grid Digital Detox Yoga Retreats. I come from Falkirk, Scotland and spent my childhood bopping about the rural parts of Scotland, where my love of the wilds began. I currently live in London.

In discovering Yoga in my teenage years, I found a vehicle for my spirituality that felt right for me. To me, yoga is a practice of grounding and acceptance, of feeling at home in your own skin, as well as a practice of growth; of gaining perspective and the breathing space we need in this modern busy world.

I have been teaching Yoga for 7 years, having trained and initially taught in Copenhagen, and have shared my passion for these teachings all over from Vancouver to Edinburgh to London. I specialise in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Myofascial Release.

I started Off Grid to facilitate a space for people to slow down and go inward, to press pause on the busyness of life and step away from our tech. I am no luddite, but I do believe we need to find ways to turn the noise down, to limit our use of devices and give our nervous systems a chance to regulate. These retreats constantly impress upon me the significance of having people come together without phones, without distraction, without email pings and needless check-in calls. It facilitates real connection, headspace and perspective.

I'm also passionate about bringing yoga into corporate spaces, emphasizing its positive impact on workplace well-being. Yoga can contribute to a healthier, more positive work environment by addressing both the physical and mental well-being of employees. The benefits extend beyond the yoga mat, positively impacting workplace dynamics and employee satisfaction. Find more information and rates here.

Aside from sharing my practice, the astrology app, Soulloop, is where a lot of my energy resides, as a content writer I am happy to be apart of this positive slice of the tech pie- countering the stress-inducing apps and communication outlets. You will also find astrology woven throughout the practices and themes of my retreats, and I am always happy to talk all things celestial with my students.


Through a committed Yoga practice and my belief that my inner world is what determines my outer world, I am on a journey of self-awareness and waking up to life. My intention is to share the practices, ideas and lifestyle shifts that I experience working for me with the belief that they could work for you too. 

Lizzie x

Practice with me

I offer Corporate and Private Yoga sessions, curating a practice or series of practices to suit needs and wants.

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